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And all, though she did not say this, in paperback and so handbag size. Besides Sir Kevin felt the sack was vulgar.

He could only write it because he had abdicated. Every Tuesday evening the Queen saw her prime minister, who briefed her on what he felt she ought to know. So infectious was his enthusiasm that next time, the Queen thought, she might accompany him. Despatched from Heathrow with the royal party they turned up months later in Calgary, where they were made the focus of a nice, if rather eccentric exhibition at the local library.

The Uncommon Reader

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One Scottish author was particularly alarming. This habit of hers affects her family and her advisors along with affecting her position in the constitution. Lived on the Welsh borders and wrote a diary. It was the block but it took longer. The librarian at Windsor had been one of many who had urged on Her Majesty the charms of Jane Austen, but being told on all sides how much maam would like her put maam off altogether.

She, who had seldom in her life been intimidated by anyone, now found herself tongue-tied and awkward. Back in the room the Queen opened the window wider and let the breeze blow in from the garden. Michael Hodder Carterton, New Zealand.

That was the way one was brought up. Had she been asked if reading had enriched her life she would have had to say yes, undoubtedly, though adding with equal certainty that it had at the same time drained her life of all purpose. There was scarcely a day she could call her own and never two. If there is only going to be one good thing to come out of the jubilee, let it be this.

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Sir Kevin did not speak to Her Majesty, still less tell her to knock it off. It was also published by Profile books in that very year.

She mentioned this to the foreign secretary in the debriefing that was customary after such visits, but he had never heard of the convict-playwright either. He seemed to have muscles in his cheeks and when he frowned, they rippled. And have you been on a royal visit recently? And through it all she could hear the voice of Ivy Compton-Burnett, unsentimental, severe and wise.

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With time came discrimination, but apart from the occasional word from Norman, nobody told her what to read, and what not. And it occurred to her as next day she wrote down that reading was, among other things, a muscle and one that she had seemingly developed. He opened the glove compartment and took out his copy of the Sun. Like the book she had hidden behind the cushion in the state coach he was lucky not to have been exploded. She was pensive and abstracted even, but not because her mind was on what she was reading.


Unbriefed on the subject of the glabrous playwright and novelist, the president looked wildly about for his minister of culture. She who had never been subject to anyone would now be on a par with everybody else. It had not always been so, and at the start of his term of office he had frequently complimented the Queen on what Her Majesty was wearing and her always discreet jewellery. She knew that she inhibited, made people shy, and few of the servants behaved like themselves. With two mentions of his name and one of New Zealand Sir Kevin retired hurt.

The Uncommon Reader Alan Bennett. The Uncommon Reader is a novel by Alan Bennet. So the social distinctions of which Jane Austen made so much seemed of even less consequence to the Queen than they did to the ordinary reader, thus making the novels much harder going. To begin with at any rate Jane Austen was practically a work of entomology, influenza vaccine cdc pdf the characters not quite ants but seeming to the royal reader so much alike as to require a microscope.

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She was dreading the two hours the whole thing was due to take, though fortunately they were in the coach not the open carriage so she could take along her book. For her they were all departures of one sort or another. You have to go out and fetch it.

More and more, though, she had read what she fancied and Norman had done the same. She was also surprised that the Guards seemed to be as readily available as the book made out and at such a reasonable tariff. Instead, swallowing his pride, he went to see Sir Claude.

It also implies that there are some texts that need to read by anyone so that every reader has that one text in common. Sir Claude came in on his two sticks, bowing his head at the door and again when Her Majesty gave him her hand as she motioned him to sit down. She found herself hovering on the edge of groups, with no one making much effort to include her, so that she felt like a guest at her own party. When some scandal escaped public notice, that too went down, and all of them told in that sensible, down-to-earth tone of voice she was coming to recognise and even relish as her own style.

But there was nothing, thought the Queen, that would preclude her having them all to tea, and a serious tea at that, ham, tongue, mustard and cress, scones, cakes and even trifle. However, he made all the preparations beforehand, carefully packing a case of books that would see Her Majesty fully occupied from coast to farthest coast.

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For her, there was no such thing as an improving book. Fairly wide remit though this was, it did narrow things down a bit, particularly when choosing a book for someone else, and the more so when that someone else happened to be the Queen.

One feels sometimes that that is not much of a boast. It was as if he was talking to his grandmother, and not for the first time the Queen was made unpleasantly aware of the hostility her reading seemed to arouse. The prime minister knew that the audience was over as Norman opened the door and waited. Much preferable to dinner, she thought, and cosier altogether.

To get round the occasional speechlessness of her subjects when confronted with their sovereign the equerries would sometimes proffer handy hints as to possible conversations. The Queen, though, thought that on this occasion such formality was misplaced these were artists after all and decided to take pot luck. It had been an investiture. And old though she was she was still a doer. The policeman in the garden seeing the light go on turned on his mobile as a precaution.