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Total disk space available To see how much space each programme is using, highlight a programme in your Planner and check the yellow part of the indicator bar. Skipping To Bookmarks Keep pressing the arrow to see each bookmark and its place in the programme. Take the empty batteries out straight away and replace both batteries at the same time. When you see the programme you want, press record. The Sky installer should have already set up the remote for you.

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Highlight the Series Stack to see how many episodes are contained within the Series Stack and how many have been viewed. Highlight the channel and press record. For each new channel you want to store, highlight the channel and press the yellow button Store Channel.

Page Make sure that your cable is connected to both your input automatically. Search takes you to Search which will be pre-populated with the genre you selected. Playback starts at that bookmarked point in the programme. Parental guidance is recommended.

Download Sky Broadband user manuals

Page You may not have the right subscriptions or equipment. Alternatively, you can give your old Sky product to your Sky engineer next time they visit. You can chose to Permanently delete, or Restore recordings in the Deleted tab. Rentals links are available in Movies, Sports and Music genres, and will display Sky Store if you have connected a compatible set top box to your broadband router, or Box Office if not.

This programme is shown in widescreen. Page The specification and features are subject to change at any time without notice. After getting the message Callback in progress, the previous menu appears. This is especially useful for programmes in your Planner, as well as Box Office and Sky Anytime programmes, which are available outside the normal schedule. Fast Forwarding And Rewinding Stopping playback To stop playback and go back to the channel you were watching before, press stop or the Sky button.

Hiding Adult Channels If you want to unlock rated programmes, just highlight the category under Viewing tab and press the button again Unrestrict. You need this number to get into the Parental Control screens.

Managing Your Planner Press back up to delete a letter. Use the tab options to see the different results. Shows everything in your Planner in date order, with the oldest programme listed first.

On Demand Showcase will be disabled c. See the help options within the interactive screens for details. You can order programmes over the phone by calling the number shown.

This is especially useful for programmes in your Planner, as well as Sky Store, Sky Box Office and On Demand programmes, which are available outside the normal schedule. This means the oldest, watched programmes in your Planner will be deleted when you run out of space to make sure future recordings can be made.

Page Message What does it mean? You can check the programme size before you start a download by pressing i in the programme synopsis screen.


For example, enter the sequence for Sky News. Specifications may change without notice. In full screen mode, highlight the programme and press i.

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This is a High Definition programme. Page Your box now tries to call us back, which checks the phone line connection. Series stack Press select to see past episodes in this Series Stack listed individually. Watching restrictions can be applied only to programmes where the broadcaster provides category restriction information.


Download Sky TV user manuals

Searching For Programmes When you start typing in the search box, it will suggest words you might be looking for based on recent popular searches done by other Sky users. Press tv guide then the button On Demand. Some may be in addition to those in your Sky Guide. You can record, set reminders, fundamentos de filosofia gilberto cotrim pdf and tune to current programmes just as you would in other parts of Sky Guide. Any current recordings will be stopped b.

You can also check your monthly usage with your broadband provider. Remember, future recordings and reminders Press yellow to delete the recording from your Planner are listed outside of the Series Stack until the programme starts.