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The Intrepid class will quickly become the backbone of the new fleet, as they are quick and inexpensive to produce, and offer excellent multi-mission capabilities. Basic meteorite shields are installed to protect the facility and workers from orbital debris. Worlds of the United Federation of Planets.

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The sheer scope of the project absorbed huge amounts of the Star Fleet shipbuilding and material budget, but the six ships produced were the marvels of their day. At this time funding for twenty of these vessels has been approved, though that number is expected to at least double, if not triple, baba bulleh shah punjabi poetry in urdu pdf in the years ahead as these ships look to be an excellent value. The Starfleet Museum was established in with the goal of preserving historically important Starfleet ships for future generations. Starfleet Medical Reference Manual. The Starfleet Museum invites you to pay a visit now that you are in the Sol system.

However, that does not mean what you see here is all that there will ever be. In addition, the Starship Development Project Logo where known for each class is on the first page of each entry.

Exploration Command began to re-assert itself and the balance of power shifted back to them and away from TacFleet. Star Fleet began development of purely military-aspect vessels and created TacFleet as an operational command structure for them. Doctor Michael Okuda, PhD. The following classifications are contained on the current list. Though the Alliance remains intact, it remains to be seen how the Romulans and Klingons plan to proceed in the post-Dominion era.

The Romulan incursion across the Neutral Zone by a single Bird of Prey in also boosted funding for TacFleet vessels and personnel. The Chief of Star Fleet Operations oversees a vast array of personnel, equipment, vessels, and facilities. However, hostilities with the Cardassian Union did allow TacFleet to procure vessels more-tailored to their own needs, such as the Akira and Norway classes. This includes the Gorn Hegemony and Tholian Assembly. Mateen Greenway mateengreenway.

In the early days of the Federation, starbases were large ground-based facilities with small orbital dockyards for the repair and replenishment of vessels. Klingon Ship recognition manual. However, it soon was made public that Star Fleet had been involved in operations against the Kzin since and not only TacFleet, but the entire Star Fleet operating budget were severely curtailed. Most of the Klingon Empire also borders Second Fleet space. These numbers may be influenced by many factors.

The Starfleet Museum as a book sold at cost price. Lieutenant General Scott A. Construction funds for five additional Nottingham class vessels have been placed on hold, pending a thorough review of both the class and large explorers in general. Introduction to the Museum. The force structure of the Star Fleet at the time was geared towards exploration and the Federation was woefully ill-equipped to handle a serious military conflict.

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Romulan Ship recognition manual. Starfleet Intelligence Manual on the Klingons. The Computers Of Star Trek. She is the Executive Officer of the U.

The upper dockyards are the exclusive realm of Starfleet, with commercial traffic using the facilities in the lower docking bell, accessed through four doors on the underside. The components of the Array were pre-fabricated and shipped to the location for final assembly.

The Aquila class of scouts has been approved, with six hulls being funded. The topmost level of the facility is given over to powerful communication towers capable of handling the entire communications volume of the sector. The Fleet was savaged during the Dominion War and has received a number of new assets. Start by pressing the button below!

While Explorer construction is being curtailed, scout and escort construction will continue to be strong. Though they served during the war, they had not yet been fitted out.

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The declaration of hostilities between the Federation and the Dominion in severely impacted Exploration Command. TacFleet officers soon filled most of the senior posts within the Star Fleet operating forces structure and by the first TacFleet officer was named as Commander in Chief. After peace was obtained with the Klingon and Romulan Empires, Exploration Command began to exert more influence on the structure and composition of the Star Fleet.

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Prime Contractor was Genom Construction, who specialized in massive constructs. As the decades rolled onwards, Exploration Command was able to secure massive budgets to develop and procure the premiere classes of the Fleet, such as the Galaxy, Intrepid, and Sovereign classes. The last Bonhomme Richard class heavy cruiser was produced in and it would be a full decade before the next generation of explorers, the Achernar class, would start construction.

Akira class construction will remain at current levels for the time being, as sufficient numbers exist to meet slated patrol duties. After going on line a number of problems surfaced, mostly related to the subspace focusing mechanisms.

Star Fleet has approved construction of a new class of large exploratory cruisers, known as the Nottingham class. Star Trek The Needs of the Many.