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Sooner or later, you'll need a map of Prague. We suggest getting the Streetwise Prague Map. Their streets can be a bit noisy. It's a folding travel map with metro map included.

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However, any duplication, all or in part, is prohibited. It is known for the many embassies that are located here. The Google Map below includes various businesses like restaurants and banks.

This page provides a few map options including our own homemade rough guide. Information centers usually have a free map of Prague. Look at the Prague map to see where!

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Vrsovice - A calm residential area just beyond Vinohrady. Farther out in Zizkov you won't have to look to hard to find dingy and depressing Communist era housing. We can give you advice about which streets to avoid for hotels, etc. Barrandov is the location of Prague's movie studios. The Vltava River divides Prague in half and because of this, the Old Town is split into two distinct neighborhoods.

Not within walking distance of the center, but still easily accessible with public transportation. Don't know where to stay in Prague? They also have lots of information about other destinations in Czech Republic.

This neighborhood offers many charming pubs and restaurants as well as Prague's futbol soccer stadium. Can you walk to some attractions? It includes the main attractions and I've noted a few places that I think are overlooked. It's in Czech, but it's easy to use. The area is also popular among locals for its wide variety of trendy boutiques, restaurants, trendy nightlife and modern shopping centers.

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Get out and explore them if you have time - you won't regret it. Here are a few Prague maps that might interest you - including our printable map. Or, you can find a free map in all sorts of different cafes and information centers. My Prague tourist guide is going to save you money. This area is less influenced by the tourism and the breakneck pace of progress that characterize more central locations.

You can focus in on certain areas and even export selections that you make. And, many hotels and apartments will supply you with a free map. Czech Republic is filled with great castles, chateaus and ruins. If you have a specific question about a location, opening the door of your heart ajahn brahm pdf please contact us.

Nonetheless some areas can be quite attractive. Here's a quick overview of the Prague districts and Prague neighborhoods. The areas located adjacent to Old Town and Vinohrady are replete with the pubs, restaurants and the famous architectural stylings that those areas are known for. The Nusle neighborhood, around Namesti Bratri Synkou square also offers affordable accommodation in a traditional Prague neighborhood setting.

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The Prague map Praha map for the initiated gives a quick overview of the exciting Czech city and Prague districts and neighborhoods as well as essential Prague City Map information for tourists. Holesovice - Adjacent to Letna and just a bit farther from the City Center this Prague neighborhood is home to many office and industrial buildings as well as affordable housing. The area around Dejvice provides easy access to the city center and abounds with restaurants and pubs.

Heck, we still get turned around sometimes. You can also get concert tickets or book a tour here. You want trams to be close but not too close.

Plan your stay with confidence. Yet this district encompasses a trendier side. They have numerous brochures and lots of event information too. You may link to this page from your website. Letna - Just across the river from Old Town, Letna is a quiet residential area popular among students, as well as those who want to be close to the center for a reasonable price.

Trendy restaurants and nightlife abound. These maps will cover all the basic sights and historical parts of Prague. This map is a good starting point. Where's the nearest bank machine?

Quiet and very upscale, it is the most exclusive neighborhood in Prague. From these areas the city center is easily accessible by tram. Prague's second international train station, Holesovice Nadrazi is located here. But, that's all part of the Prague traveling experience. Access to the center is good when close to a metro line, but for the most part long commutes can be expected.

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Many of Prague's finest restaurants can be found here, as well as elegant cafes and tourist shops. Map of Prague Sooner or later, you'll need a map of Prague. It's great for pinpointing the area around your hotel or within a determined district.

Take advantage of these ideas and start saving now. Will you be on a busy street? Try our Mala Strana download too! But the greater part of the district is not easily accessible from the center.