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Are you a slow driver or a fast driver? Have students list words they know from the topic.

More vocabulary Ask your classmates. Do you prefer a hard bed or a soft bed? How did the neighbor feel?

Could I have a coffee muo? The nurses check your blood pressure and check your pulse.

Rich visual contexts recycle words from the unit. She gives Nina one more for free.

Which of these outfits would you like to wear? Read a W How much is the book?

The gray sweater is under the orange sweater. The blue sweaters are below the red sweaters.

Oxford Picture Dictionary (Monolingual English)

The basic oxford picture dictionary second edition monolingual english

Yes, that's right, kitchen. Do you like to paint or arrange furniture? More information about this seller Contact this seller. Check Comprehension Make sure that students understand the target vocabulary. What kind of sleepwear do you prefer?

Do you prefer checked or striped shirts? What kind of meat do you eat most often? His mother-in-law is giving her opinion. Do the salad forks go on the left?

What other jobs require helmets? Published by Cary, North Carolina, U. The turquoise sweater is in the box. How much is an acupuncture treatment? What did the roommates do after the tenant meeting?

People are having a good time at the reunion. The second language appears in blue ink alongside the English word, with a complete second-language index included at the back of the book. She exchanges her green sweater for a navy blue sweater.

Nurse practitioners can give medical exams. Areyou having vision problems? Make sure objectives state what students will be able to do at the end of the lesson. Cheesy Tofu Vegetable Casserole A.

Overhead Tronsparencies Vibrant transparencies help to focus students on the lesson. Please touch your right foot. How many different booths are there at the health fair? Are you experiencing depression?

Why is it important to ask questions in class? Nurse midwives deliver babies.

Pay the first and last month's rent. What do you recommend for a stomachache? Today is the Lu family reunion. Would you hand me the thread?

Oxford Picture Dictionary - 3rd Edition

No, put it on the counter. What is your favorite way to serve meat? Manda likes the green sweater, but Anya is disappointed. You must not circulate this book in any other binding or cover and you must impose this sarne condition on any acquirer. What kind of socks are you wearing today?

What are the most important rules in an apartment building? Start by pressing the button below! Use use for drops, nasal sprays, and inhalets. How does Anya feel about her green sweater?

Is that spelled d-r-e-s-s? How about I'll have a hatibut steak and some shrimp. The black sweater is behind the white sweater.

The Oxford Picture Dictionary (2nd Edition)

Which of these items are in your closet? Az Wow, she's a teenager now! Ben's grandfather and his aunt are talking about the baseball qame.

This second edition of the Oxford Picture Dictionary is lovingly dedicated to the memory of Norma Shapiro. Oxford University Press, makalah ijtihad pdf Softcover. Oxford Picture Dictionary Monolingual English. The Oxford Picture Dictionary is perhaps the best means to bring a student this core vocabulary. You can learn a lot at the fair.