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Laws of India The Orissa Municipal Corporation Act

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Provided that before taking any decision on any such question, the Government shall obtain the opinion of the Election Commission and shall act according to such opinion. He shall then fold the voting papers so as to conceal his vote and deposit the same in a ballot box placed in the view of the President of the meeting.

Financial limit for technical sanction. Application of Sinking Fund. Affixing of pipes for ventilation of drains. Constitution of Corporation.

Owner of land to allow others to carry drains through the lands. Precaution for public safety to be taken by persons to whom permission is granted. Any place at any time be inspected for the purpose of preventing spread of infectious disease.

Liability and disability of licence for temporary buildings and enclosures. Penalty for giving false information. Building at corners of streets.

Orissa Municipal Corporation (Procedure and Conduct of Business) Rules

District Judge to decide question of disqualification of Corporators. Buildings not to be converted to other purposes without the permission of the Commissioner. Casting of vote by the elector. Inspection of buildings in course of erection, alteration, etc.

Appointment of places for disposal and final disposal of solid wastes. Prohibition of canvassing in or near polling stations.

Commissioner to provide for traffic etc. Mayor to preside over meeting of the Corporation. Registration of slum dwellers.

Sewage and rain water drains to be distinct. Notice of prohibition for setting apart of places.

Orissa Municipal Corporation Act

Liability in respect of debenture renewed. Premises not to be used for storing certain articles, except under licence.

Closure and disposal of markets and slaughter-houses. Person empowered to prosecute. Order of Business in meeting. Annual Budget of the Corporation. Disposal of property and interest therein.

Orissa municipal corporation act

Provided that the Election Officer may direct that the electoral roll of any portion of it shall also be kept in any other language or languages spoken in a particular Municipal Corporation. But his officers in the General Administration Department and in the Bhubaneswar Development Authority and in the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation have together foiled his endeavor. Effect of revision of limits of the Corporation. Governments power to add to functions of Corporation.

So, english grammar exercises pdf for beginners here we shall continue to use the words Orissa and Oriya notwithstanding enforcement of the law that has wrongfully changed them to Odisha and Odia. It was a boon to Orissa administration with which Bhubaneswar environment could have been saved. This is why this site will continue as orissamatters. Preliminary Electoral Roll for the Municipal Corporation.

Annual value of land and building. Provision of troughs and pipes to receive water from roofs of buildings. Spoilt and returned ballot papers. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Superintendence, direction and control of elections. General powers of the Mayor. The Commissioner shall inspect and may require addition or alteration to place or building.

Payment out of the Corporation Fund. When heritage building ceases to be heritage building. Saving of certain irregularities. No Corporator to receive remuneration. Power to obtain information.