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Mango and Crumbled Cheese Salad. Since these are made using Read More. It is the perfect go-to recipe if you are looking for something simple, light and refreshing in this warmer weather. The classic butter chicken will never leave you unsatisfied.

Learn the art of making feather soft bhaturas served with chole or chickpeas cooked in a pool of rustic spices. Bhindi masala is mildly spicy, Read More.

10 Traditional North Indian Recipes

North Indian Recipes

Paneer tikka literally translates to grilled chunks of Indian cottage cheese. It also makes for a beautiful presentation, with the watermelon, mangoes, and avocado! Laucki is also known as Bottle gourd. Cook plain lentils with Indian spices such as turmeric and garam masala and you get this delicious, authentic dahl.

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Channa Masala Chickpea Curry. Spring Quinoa Fruit Salad. This is Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, this recipe is absolutely mouth-watering.

Gur Para makes for a great homemade gift because of its long shelf life. Delightful Indian Slow Cooker Curry This curry is so easy and adaptable, you can make it any night of the week. Laal maas is a fiery Rajasthani meat curry that can be paired with rice or naan. Adding the spinach with a few spices makes the Puri very yummy and healthy.

Prepare this on special occasions as desserts and everyone would just love it. Serve this fresh mango salsa with chips or with a plate of tacos. Here is the special royal recipe that you can cook at home with easy steps on festive occasions and dinner parties. Frying the masala on a high flame on a large Read More. Bread toast can be made in many ways, french toast, Spicy egg bread toast, capsicum cheese toast, Quick Garlic cheese toast are some of the kinds I have shared before.

Other regional names are vankaya in Telugu, vangi in marathi and kathirikai in tamil. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, these potato balls are just what you need to satisfy your taste buds. Hello Sir, i am the new comer who is about to build an interest in cooking. This is a vibrant, fresh fruit salad with quinoa and homemade ginger and lemon dressing.

Besan ladoo are sweet balls made from chickpea flour, sugar, ghee and nuts. Easy Vegetarian Kofta Curry. Baingan Bharta Eggplant Curry. Hyderabadi baingan is the perfect dish to serve to guests with a sophisticated palette because of the mixture of nutty spices.

Badam halwa is quite popular in South India and makes it appearance in the sweet stalls and restaurants. Kokum Sharbat - cook smart. Serve on it's own or on some basmati rice.

View the Full list of Vegan Recipes. Trying new recipes is my passion. For this baby corn curry recipe, I just followed my paneer butter masala, one of the popular recipes on this blog.

Ingredients like yogurt or cashews are not used to make this simple dish. Spicy Lentil Quinoa Curry.

It is absolutely wonderful with basmati rice or naan. Flavourful biryani with chicken cooked in assorted spices and garnished with sliced green chillies and ginger juliennes. Yes, talk about desserts and the wide range of irresistible treats are sure to bowl you over. These are very easy to make and the best part is the dough Read More.

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Achari Mathries, is a traditional staple snack in North India. In comparison to other cuisines of India, North Indian food is richer, the yes factor pdf where a number of preparations are made in pure desi ghee or doused in fresh cream.

There are numerous ways a dal recipe can be made, dal fry is a basic dish Read More. This not only tastes glorious, but it looks glorious as well. Be it a a festival, a celebration or just our taste buds craving a bowl of dessert delicacy.

Tawa paneer masala is a simple restaurant style paneer dish that is good to enjoy for an everyday meal. The cauliflower is brushed with oil and turmeric before being baked whole in the oven. This simple and colorful mango salsa is super easy to make! This besan bread toast is another Read More.

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Mouth-watering and simply irresistible! This one is an all-time favourite among meat lovers. Traditionally you mash the baati then pour ghee, chutney and dal over it.

The quinoa and fruit make it a healthy choice for those who want to eat clean. Making a paste of onion, tomato, chile pepper, ginger, and garlic starts you on your way to a relatively simple homemade Indian dish. This is similar to the bread roll recipe that i had shared earlier. Carrot halwa is one of the classic Indian Read More. Try your hand at making delicious bhallas topped with sweet curd, sour and tangy chutneys and chaat masala.

10 Traditional North Indian Recipes

This is not just quick and easy to make, but it is a healthy snack because it is high in protein and has many nutritional values. This recipe is the perfect tea time munchie and will be a hit with everyone who enjoys a sweet and crunchy snack. With my family, mathries are a must have while travelling, and now with Achari Mathri, we no longer need the pickle, so it becomes one less thing to carry. It is a common source of protein and calcium to the vegetarian Indians. Dal refers to lentils and are a staple in most Indian homes to serve with steamed rice or roti.

Serve with fresh roti or naan. Spicy Chettinad Chicken Curry. Marinated overnight, the chicken is roasted and cooked in tomato puree, cream and masalas. This delightful recipe for cubes of paneer in a tomato-cream sauce is sure to be a nice treat.

Paneer lababdar is mostly found on North Indian restaurant menus. Spicy potatoes, tomatoes and onions with an Indian kick! Potatoes and peas are cooked in a tomato sauce with Indian seasonings. Saag paneer is a classic Indian dish of cooked spinach studded with cubed of fried paneer cheese.