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After a moment, the displays will light. Keep the power cord and the surge suppressor away from heated surfaces. Always wear athletic shoes. Athletic support clothes are recommended for both men and women. The Speed and Incline buttons will not function during the workout.

Free NordicTrack Home Gym User Manuals

Model 831298844 NORDICTRACK TREADMILL - Manuals and Guides

To use an iFit workout, you must have access screen. Assembly Do not dispose of the packing one adjustable wrench materials until you finish all assembly steps. As you exercise, the console will display continuous exercise feedback.

When you select a pre- set workout, the display will show the name of the workout, the workout time, the maximum speed setting, and a profile of the speed settings of the workout. Begin rowing or press any button on the When some onboard workouts are selected, this console to turn on the console. Then, set the Left Upright.

Set a safety screen timeout. To turn off the demo mode, hold down the Stop button for a few seconds. Use the treadmill only as described. Voltage surges, spikes, and noise interference can result from weather conditions or from other appliances being turned on or off. If you have not entered your weight, press the Set Weight increase or decrease button repeatedly to enter your weight.

Do not attempt to raise, lower, or move the treadmill until it is properly assembled. To compete in a race that you have previously scheduled, touch the Compete button. Each time you press one of the buttons, the incline will gradually change until it reaches the selected incline setting. If the walking belt rubs against the the indicated screw slightly until the tablet holder foot rails, the walking belt may become dam- stays in place when it is rotated to the desired aged.

Free NordicTrack Treadmill User Manuals

With the help of a second person, hold a. The decals shown here have been applied in the locations shown. To protect the floor or carpet from damage, place a mat under the treadmill. Various factors, including the user's movement, may affect the accuracy of heart rate readings. If you have selected a workout, press either of the workout buttons repeatedly until only zeros appear in the display.

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Do not dispose of the packing materials until assembly is completed. It may be necessary to move the Frame back and forth to align the Storage Latch with the bracket. The treadmill will automatically rise to the maximum incline level and then return to the minimum level. As you exercise, the workout intensity level bar will indicate the approximate intensity level of your exercise.

Save this manual nordictrack c manual c, prizes, for future reference. Make sure that all parts are properly tightened nordictrack c manual you use the treadmill. Insert the nordictrack c manual into the console. Always unplug the power cord immediately after use, before cleaning the treadmill, and before performing the maintenance and adjustment procedures described in this manual. To reduce the risk of serious injury, heinrich zimmer myths and symbols pdf read all important precautions and instructions in this manual and all warnings on your treadmill before using your treadmill.

Never allow more than one person on the treadmill at a time. Press the Start Fitness Test button. For example, if six of the indicators in the bar are lit, the bar shows that your intensity level is ideal for aerobic exercise.

For more informa- display will show your approximate average power output in watts for the workout. Wear appropriate exercise clothes when using the treadmill. When folding or moving the treadmill, make the moving walking belt. When folding or moving the treadmill, make sure that the frame is held securely in the storage position.

For simplicity, all instructions in this manual refer to miles. Select your minimum workout speed by pressing the Set Min.

You must grip the hand grip pulse sensor or wear the optional chest pulse sensor to use the fitness test workout. Replace If a replacement power adapter is needed, call the any worn parts immediately.

For the most accurate results, wear the optional chest pulse sensor. Turn the formance may decrease and the walking belt may Pulley until the Magnet is aligned with the Reed become damaged. Do not use this treadmill in a commercial, rental, or institutional setting. Then, hold the row bar rower and lift the with an overhand grip. Assembly requires the included hex keys and your own Phillips screwdriver.

Your fitness age is the average age of someone at your fitness level. To view your Workout History, touch the Track button. This treadmill is intended for in-home use only. Make sure that all parts are properly tightened before you use the treadmill.

During the first few minutes of exercise, your or any exercise program, consult your physi- body uses carbohydrate calories for energy. If you have not entered your age, press the Set Age increase or decrease button repeatedly to enter your age.

Model 831298844 NORDICTRACK TREADMILL - Manuals and Guides

Do not use an extension cord. With the help of a second person, hold the console assembly near the handrail assembly. Before beginning any exercise program, consult your physician. This product must be grounded.

Failure to use a properly functioning surge suppressor could result in damage to the control system of the treadmill. Begin rowing or press any button on the Each workout is divided into several segments.

Do not wear loose clothes that could become caught in the treadmill. Make sure that the power cord is unplugged. You can even take a fitness test that measures your fitness age. As a manufacturer, we are committed to providing complete customer satisfaction.

Measure your heart rate if desired. Press the Start Fitness Test button to start the workout. When the workout ends, the walking belt will slow to a.

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