New Grammar Practice Pre-intermediate With Key.pdf

His friends didn't know about his accident. He opened the door quietly so as not to disturb the baby. Neither the police nor the army could catch him.

Could you stop it working, please? The car slowed down and then stopped. Well, we usually slept in. That man on the bike is going to fall off.

English isn't too difficult to learn. Score Q PartD Find the mistake in each sentence and rewrite the sentence correctly. This is the longest river in the world. Yes, No, I he she it we you they was. Susan's not working very hard.

New grammar practice pre-intermediate with key.pdfNew Grammar Practice (Pre intermediate with key) - PDF Free Download

Can you pick up verb that bag? It doesn't matter who takes them. So what did you like best?

New grammar practice pre-intermediate with key.pdf

182 New Grammar Practice (Pre intermediate with key)

Remember to change the pronouns where necessary. She said she was going to he late. Can you put away the dishes? It in offices and in the shops. He was standing at the gate.

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Grammar Practice for Intermediate Students - PDF Free DownloadNew Grammar Practice ( Pre Intermediate With Key)

We're visiting the States in three weeks. It's too cold to swim today. They make these televisions in Japan.

Something terrible happened. The difference is the idea in the speaker's mind of what is going to happen.

Would you tike something to eat? And we usually stayed in for dinner at the hotel. Give your parents this food.

When she arrived, we were having dinner. Swimming every day is a good way of keeping fit. Jenny's going to be five next week. Smoking makes me feel sick. The house was painted last week.

To check your answers, you will need to use the edition of Grammar Practice for Pre-Intermediate Students with Answer key. Practice Rewrite the sentences, using until. Practice Choose the correct words from the boxes to complete these sentences. If she left her husband, she might be happier, but T don't think she's going to leave her husband Practice Write these sentences, staff performance appraisal pdf putting the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

She plays tennis very well. May I have one of these cakes? Two men have escaped from prison in London. She phoned after the party started. We want to record the World Cup Final.

We decided to wait for the bus. Practice Complete these sentences using can or could. He's got an important day tomorrow. How long have you been waiting?

Check Circle the correct answer to the questions below. Change the pronouns where necessary.

No article with watch television. Copy the definitions with the correct phrasal verb into your notebook. Score Part E Complete the sentences with a preposition or adverb. Get me an ashtray, please.

There was a picture on the wall. May I have a glass of water, please?

This is not a very comfortable bed. If two answers are possible, write them both. The past continuous is often interrupted by the past simple.