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He evolved beautifully over the course of the series, growing into the worthy male he always had the potential to become. He was also important regarding the ahstrux nohtrum part. There were attacks and accusations, but not real talking and development. We have read several mating ceremonies. Blay was always there for Qhuinn.

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By what I could figure out, he's a sex addict who suffers from migraines, and is engaged from birth to a royalty. There are other positions, okay? The acts he does on behalf of Qhuinn definitely speak of unselfish love, and even when he was being nasty to Qhuinn, I could look past that to the why of his behavior. This is where the skimming came in, hardcore.

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Blaylock I loved the tender moments with Blay and his parents. And he's the father of her daughter. Blay should have been his family. Also, for a book that is set a couple of years earlier, there are a lot of pop culture references.

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His plot line has always been about it and Qhuinn. Qhuinn's own demon was Saxton. And somehow it makes everything worth it. He broke up with Blay and stepped back, disappearing to let things happen between them. Being a coward and pushing Blay away, hurting him deeply, while sleeping with everyone that crossed his path.

Deep down, he is a very wonderful male with a good heart. Because, if you ask me, even without the anal prep and the copious amounts of lube, the sex was still hot and it'll make people want to read more of it. There are a lot of scenes where Blay wonders why he can't have what hetero couples take for granted. And in my mind, this was never the kind of review I imagined I'd post. The main problem here isn't the fact that she has too many other characters she writes about.

Ward has a habit of shooting herself in the foot when it comes to her plots and keeping her facts straight Lover Unleashed, anyone? Fast forward to last week, gena egoista pdf when I finally got to read Lover At Last. Spoiler tags should not be clicked on unless you've read Lover at Last.

He took care of Blay when Blay needed someone. The romance - There really isn't much romance in this book, and since I am first and foremost a romance fan, it did not work for me there. It's like witnessing magic.

Blay's character has always been defined by his sexual orientation. Blay has always loved Qhuinn, but Blay has also been in love with Qhuinn for the longest. Because the moment you do, you realize there is no reason. And for the love of the Scribe Virgin I hope this happens. But I can see that this was just a way to hide from the pain.

They were on opposite sides of the war, and though she knew not the particulars, she had heard enough in the household to know that he was right. So much like a newbie fic writer. Actions have been taken that cannae be undone through words nor vows. Blay lying through the whole book about he and Saxton still being together was a cheap plot device to help drag the inevitable. Now her blood ran with fear, and as he inhaled the scent, he hardened.

It should have mattered more. Qhuinn has fucked tons of people, tons of dudes. The first time they had sex, Blay thought of Layla. Did they have some great sex?

But anything forged in fire is built to last. He thought he had things under control, he thought he knew what he wanted, who he was, and then boom. Surprisingly, my favorite scene of all was not a Qhuay scene, but an interaction between Xcor and Layla. Now with Assail and Sola I'm mildly intrigued. And I have been a fan from the beginning.

Qhuinn doesn't know that, but is willing to have an affair with Blay all the same, just so he can be with him. Also, all the politics with the king and Rehv and Assail and all that?

Loved each and every part of this book. And then he gathered Blay in an embrace that connected them from head to foot.

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Black Dagger Brotherhood 11 Lover At Last - PDF Free Download

The fact that he wants to kill Wrath and become King is certainly not something to make me like him at all. Did your boys get together? Ward and her shortcomings. And it did not show how much Qhuinn loves Blay.

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And with Qhuay, she was so afraid of going too far, she even messed up the emotional factor. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. As before, I feel sad about Saxton.