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Leading Commercial Success Simulation. Our wide range of leading global clients is testament of our ability to listen and create relevant, powerful and unique learning solutions that deliver a substantial return on investment.

However, exam scores, certificates, and transcripts are provided only if you purchase a certificate package to document your training. The attendance is daytime, approximately three hours per module, however some modules incorporate online units of study.

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As such, our training solutions are centred around experiential learning methods. Achieving operational excellence is a key imperative for businesses in a hyper-competitive global marketplace. This module will provide a step change in coaching and mentoring skills by using effective questioning, listening and structured feedback models. Transforming your business to an agile mindset requires colleagues who are skilled, collaborative and curious.

For instance, when would a business benefit from a finance lease, invoice discounting, a rights issue or trade finance? This way, we ensure the effective transfer of learning back to the workplace and see more immediate results from our development interventions. Challenge your existing presentation strengths and weaknesses, and so build more effective ways to select, structure and deliver your material. Communicating with impact Communicate and present information, ideas and vision in a clear, structured and impactful way.

We can help take the complexity out of apprenticeship lifecycle and make the most of your Levy. Effective delegation Mastering delegation is a fundamental skill all managers must possess to prevent them from doing everything themselves, especially as their roles grow. Achieving operational excellence in manufacturing.

We also focus the training on how, as an organisation, you do business and the behaviours expected of your people. Your people may have strong technical expertise, but without strong relationship management skills, internal projects and external relationships can break down.

People skills in insurance. It provides a practical context as to why insurers use reinsurance, the key players, the buyers and sellers, types of reinsurance and the main reinsurance policies.

Relationship management skills for private bankers

Course 712 - Safety Supervision and Leadership

To begin your training, click on the module links below. Essentials of management Applying the fundamental roles and responsibilities when managing individual and teams equipped with the essential tools of management. These lenses will include personal reflection, peer review and self-awareness tools. The training programme covers the key areas of a fund management business and will help your people understand the range of products and solutions you provide for your clients and the wider industry. This challenging one-day business simulation is set in the context of an asset finance business.

The simulation works at multiple levels developing technical and commercial skills as well as promoting strong team development. Operations Expand Navigation.

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Our Approach to Engaging Stakeholders. Training for manufacturers. They reflect a range of profiles and backgrounds including one or two that have committed financial crimes. Participants are given an overview of your policies and attend a networking event where they meet three to five potential client prospects of the bank. Running an effective insurance business is not just about playing with numbers on a computer screen where decisions are made and an algorithm delivers a pre-set outcome.

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Area Coordinator Operations. Instead, we extend our experiential learning approach to digital learning solutions by creating e learning, microlearning and virtual learning that are fun, engaging and interactive. You are advised to check this page regularly and once the position has been confirmed we will update this information. Participants improve their sales and relationship skills and come away with practical tools to help grow their client relationships into that of a trusted partner.

Delegates will also gain a practical understanding of, and familiarity with, equity markets jargon commonly used in the asset management industry. Leading commercial success.

Our specialist commercial skills programmes will give your people the skills and insights to make more informed business decisions to help drive performance. Instead, our interpersonal skills programmes are practical, relevant and useful for people working in fund management.

Delegates must clear and settle trades quickly and efficiently and are assessed on how effectively they achieve this, as well as areas where they could improve. Find out why so many leading companies choose to partner with us. Our digital learning solutions have proven to be popular for general new joiner programmes where an introduction to the insurance industry and a general orientation to the business is required. Find out why so many leading companies choose to partner with us Explore.

There will also be an opportunity to learn about research methodologies and undertake a project utilising your leadership and change management skills. Experiential workshops to drive team development and improve leadership skills, 2013 dodge challenger brochure pdf allowing your people to be as productive as possible. The assessment strategy will focus on the synthesis and critical application of theory to practice in relation to your current or future leadership role. Our approach to credit skills training is different. Our training approach utilises perceptual thinking and breaks the information down into nine sections to increase retention.

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To help demonstrate this understanding, students must achieve a passing score on course final exams. Our experiential learning solutions are practical and built around scenarios and context of an investment bank.

As part of our comprehensive suite of insurance industry training, we have a wide range of interpersonal skills modules that are tailored to reflect the context and needs of an insurance business. Our microlearning is accessible across all major platforms and devices, providing easy access to bitesize digital modules. The supervisor is the one person who can take immediate, direct action to make sure that his or her work area is safe and healthful for all employees.

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