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Bibliographic information. For those products in which temperature is identified as a critical part of the operation, the batch records must demonstrate compliance using control charts.

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For drug products less likely to interact, other tests e. This result requires upgrading the sensitivity of testing procedures. Ideally, the bottom discharge valve is flush with the bottom of the tank. The nature of the stress testing will depend on the individual drug substance and the type of drug product involved. At times, the manufacturer changes the finished product specification as the patents expire or reformulates the product under a new patent.

Handbook of pharmaceutical manufacturing formulations volume 2 pdf

Test results from appropriate qualification and characterization tests should be provided. The key application of the data provided herein is to allow the formulator to select the ingredients that are reportedly compatible, avoiding need for long-term studies to establish compatibilities. Transdermal systems are usually applied to the skin with an adhesive and may be in place for an extended period.

Results from accelerated testing studies are not always predictive of physical changes. If it is inappropriate to combine data from several batches, the overall retest period should be based on the minimum time a batch can be expected to remain within acceptance criteria. Each of these systems is generally marketed in a single-unit soft blister pack or a preformed tray with a preformed cover or overwrap. Guideline For Residual Solvents. If the extraction properties of the drug product vehicle may reasonably be expected to differ from that of water e.

This is reflected in the level of concern given to the nature of the packaging components that may come in contact with the dosage form or the patient. However, some changes in physical attributes e. Container Closure Systems. Only highlights of points of concern are presented here, and the formulator is referred to several excellent treatises available on the subject. It is expected that with a quick review of the formulation possibilities that are made available in this book such scientists would benefit from the experience of others.

Responsibility Sarfaraz K. These include microbiological, potency, and stability problems. Photostability testing should be conducted on at least one primary batch of the drug product, if appropriate. As a rule of thumb, the closure system for a product should be the first criterion selected before development of the dosage form. For solids that must be dissolved or dispersed in an appropriate diluent before being injected, the diluent may be in the same container closure system e.

For example, for solutions, the key aspects that should be addressed during validation include ensuring that the drug substance and preservatives are dissolved. For example, the facilities used for the manufacture of overthe-counter oral products might not require the isolation that a steroid or sulfa product would require. In this case, more complete information should be provided, along with data showing that the secondary packaging component actually provides the additional protection. Statistical methods should be employed to test the goodness of fit on all batches and combined batches where appropriate to the assumed degradation line or curve.

The nature of the degradation relationship will determine whether the data should be transformed for linear regression analysis. However, the concern for contamination remains, and it is important to isolate processes that generate dust such as those processes occurring before the addition of solvents. Fill volume is commonly determined as an in-process measurement, using bulk density. Tests described there are typically considered sufficient standards for establishing specified properties and characteristics of specified materials of construction or packaging components.

For example, at a given temperature e. Usually, the relationship can be represented by a linear, quadratic, or cubic function on an arithmetic or logarithmic scale. Whether it is selection of a preservative system or the choice of a disintegrant, the series offers many choices to study and consider. For long-term studies, frequency of testing should be sufficient to establish the stability profile of the drug product. Formulation Factors in Semisolid Dosage Forms.

Tablet Coating Formulations. Volumetric means, such as using a dipstick or a line on a tank, are not generally as accurate and should be avoided where possible. When volumetric means are chosen, make sure they are properly validated at different temperature conditions and other factors that might render this practice faulty. The first volume, Compressed Solid Products, tackles these challenges head on.

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An extraction profile is the analysis usually by chromatographic means of extracts obtained from a packaging component. Validated stability-indicating analytical procedures should be applied. However, the ultimate proof of the suitability of the container closure system and the packaging process is established by full shelf-life stability studies. The testing should also evaluate the susceptibility of the drug substance to hydrolysis across a wide range of pH values when in solution or suspension. Again, emphasis is placed on the practical aspects, and the reader is referred to official guidelines for the development of complete testing protocols.

Handbook of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Formulations Liquid Products

Common causes of such degradation are exposure to light, loss of solvent, exposure to reactive gases e. Examining degradation products under stress conditions is useful in establishing degradation pathways and in developing and validating suitable analytical procedures. Acceptance criteria for extractables should also be included, if appropriate.

Because fluids can contain a certain amount of oxygen, the oxidation reactions are also enhanced, as in the case of vitamins and the phenothiazine class of drugs. An ocular system usually consists of the drug formulation contained in a rate-controlling membrane. For example, the presence of a Pseudomonas putida contaminant could also indicate that P. In most cases, manufacturers assay samples of the bulk solution or suspension before filling.

Reprinted material is quoted with permission, and sources are indicated. For solutions that are sensitive to oxygen or light, dissolved oxygen levels would also be an important test.

These types of considerations have led to the classification of pharmaceutical products into these six categories. The description of the manufacturing process is generally brief and should include any operations performed on the packaging component after manufacture but before shipping e. Sterile Manufacturing Formulations Template. Manufacturing Practice Considerations in Liquid Formulations.

He has authored hundreds of scientific papers, textbooks, and presentations on the topics of pharmaceutical formulation, biopharmaceutics, and pharmacokinetics of drugs. This volume is dedicated to one of the great educators and a leader in the pharmaceutical profession, acrobat editor pdf August P.

If the packaging system has a performance feature in addition to containing the product, the assembled container closure system should be shown to function properly. Failure to meet the acceptance criteria for the appearance, physical attributes, and functionality test e.

It is a good practice to store hoses in a way that allows them to drain, rather than coiling them, which may allow moisture to collect and be a potential source of microbial contamination. The observations, results of the investigation, and corrective actions should be included in the stability report. Where the submission includes long-term stability data on three production batches covering the proposed retest period, a postapproval commitment is considered unnecessary. The standard conditions for photostability testing are described in another chapter.

Particle size is also important, and at this point it would seem that any X. In some cases it may be desirable for the description to be more detailed and to include in-process controls. For solid dosage forms, an appropriate reference to the indirect food additive regulations is typically considered sufficient to establish safety.

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