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The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal. There are a number of non-infectious causes of inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice. Inflammation of the stomach and small intestine.

The American Journal of Gastroenterology. Redirected from Stomach bug. Gonzales, Maria Liza M ed. Pediatrics Foodborne illnesses Infectious diseases Abdominal pain Conditions diagnosed by stool test Noninfective enteritis and colitis Diarrhea Sanitation.


Gastroenteritis usually involves both diarrhea and vomiting. Viruses particularly rotavirus and the bacteria Escherichia coli and Campylobacter species are the primary causes of gastroenteritis.

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Annals of Emergency Medicine. International Journal of Epidemiology. Australian Family Physician. The Lancet Infectious Diseases. Chorioamnionitis Funisitis Omphalitis.

Clinical Microbiology and Infection. Toxigenic Clostridium difficile is an important cause of diarrhea that occurs more often in the elderly. Proctitis Radiation proctitis Proctalgia fugax Rectal prolapse Anismus. This infection is usually transmitted by contaminated water or food. Canadian Medical Association Journal.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. In the developed world Campylobacter jejuni is the primary cause of bacterial gastroenteritis, with half of these cases associated with exposure to poultry. Gastroenteritis is usually an acute and self-limiting disease that does not require medication. Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America.

Of the twenty most common conditions seen in the emergency department, papel decorativo para imprimir pdf rates of noninfectious gastroenteritis had the largest decrease in visits in that time period. Medicine portal Viruses portal. The Journal of Infectious Diseases.

Pediatric Clinics of North America. Some probiotics have been shown to be beneficial in reducing both the duration of illness and the frequency of stools.

Lysosome granules biogenic amines Histamine Serotonin. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. MuV Mumps Cytomegalovirus Cytomegalovirus esophagitis. This is preferably achieved by drinking rehydration solution, although intravenous delivery may be required if there is a decreased level of consciousness or if dehydration is severe.


Canadian Family Physician. The Journal of the American Medical Association. University of Chicago Press. Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine.

Insulitis Hypophysitis Thyroiditis Parathyroiditis Adrenalitis. Ondansetron has some utility, with a single dose being associated with less need for intravenous fluids, fewer hospitalizations, and decreased vomiting. Bulletin of the World Health Organization. Gastroenteritis is usually caused by viruses. Transmission may occur from drinking contaminated water or when people share personal objects.

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The Journal of Pediatrics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Peritonitis Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis Hemoperitoneum Pneumoperitoneum. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Stomach flu

Dermatitis Folliculitis Cellulitis Hidradenitis. Current Opinion in Gastroenterology. Upper Hematemesis Melena Lower Hematochezia. Hepatitis Ascending cholangitis Cholecystitis Pancreatitis Peritonitis. Macrophage Epithelioid cell Giant cell Granuloma.

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Coeliac Tropical sprue Blind loop syndrome Small bowel bacterial overgrowth syndrome Whipple's Short bowel syndrome Steatorrhea Milroy disease Bile acid malabsorption. Recent Patents on Anti-infective Drug Discovery. Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases.

Infection and Drug Resistance. Lymphangitis Lymphadenitis. Weekly Epidemiological Record. Some agents are more specific to a certain species. Clinical infectious disease Second ed.

Crohn's disease is also a non-infectious source of often severe gastroenteritis. Journal of Family and Community Medicine. There are a number of vaccines against gastroenteritis in development.


Infectious Disorders Drug Targets. Digestive Diseases and Sciences. Essential infectious disease topics for primary care. Rubor Calor Tumor Dolor Functio laesa.

Recommendations and Reports. Clinical Infectious Diseases. National Institute of Clinical Excellence. The virus particles are shown at the same magnification to allow size comparison. American Family Physician.