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Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats. For long term sustainability Exxon should also look to invest in alternate energy sources. Availability of Substitutes Substitutes include alternate fuels such as solar power, wind power, nuclear energy, biomass etc.

The risks include slower adoption of natural gas powered electric power plants. Exxon could be seen as a leader in developing greener energy resources. Increasing prices of fuels across the world. Keeping in view the threats, the company is struggling against its potential competitors, which are also working in the same market and challenge their business.


In the long term, transportation and power generation sectors are going to be two major consumers of natural gas. The combination of technology and recovery cost may be higher than the revenue earned from production. To understand the reason behind these recommendations we need to look into current global energy situation. The exit barriers are also high and the industry growth has been stable but slow. Growth initiatives across the value chain in view of increasing demand for oil and petroleum products could provide the company various growth opportunities.

Exxon should position itself to benefit use of natural gas in electricity generation and transportation. Exxons success attributes largely to the unique resources and capabilities it has and the way it leverages their value to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. The company has not developed alternative energy products to the extent that it could and continues to rely on oil as its main business segment, which is not a sustainable strategy. It has a unique portfolio of businesses, products marketed in some countries, a superior cost structure and leading-edge technology.


Exploration of unconventional sources of Oil Exxon should focus on exploration of unconventional sources of oil. Profiling the Competition G.

Presents an overview of ExxonMobil Corp. Strategic Analysis Document Summary This document strategically analyzes the Oil and gas producer ExxonMobil and recommends key strategies for their continued growth. ExxonMobil Chemical is the worlds premier petrochemical company. This research presents Analysis of Exxon Mobil Corporation.


Threat of New entrants- Threat of new entrants is low because of high capital costs required. The article presents profiles of companies in petroleum industry and trade in Germany. There is an opportunity in Natural gas segment which is expected to grow fastest among different energy sources. It is known for its nancial management capabilities exercised through rigorous investment controls and emphasis on cost efciency. An Overview of the War in Iraq.

For long term sustainability, companies can no longer afford to be one dimensional and depend solely on Oil. Project associated with alternate energy are long term projects with high risk but at the same time they have high benefits. Today even the end consumer is demanding for greener energy.

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Browse marketing analysis of more brands and companies similar to Exxon Mobil. Strengths include a diversified geographic revenue stream and strong market position. The company is engaged in exploration and production, refining, online pdf to autocad converter software and marketing of oil and natural gas. Looking at the Global Energy Industry B.

ExxonMobil Corporation SWOT Analysis

The company is considered greedy corporate institution, which is grabbing profitability at the time of increase in prices of petrol. The company has strong and diversified portfolio to bring the company at strong position. Upstream DownStream to build upon on existing business experience to capture opportunities in higher growth regions.

Address and contact information is given, as well as statistics on revenues, financial year end data and number of employees. According to the geological survey vast majority of the oil reserves are in deep water, indicating a commitment to continue exploring. Threat of substitutes is low because these have not been proved as efficient as oil and natural gas. Exxon Valdez oil spill is still fresh in peoples mind. We feel that technologys role in energy industry is more important than ever.

Opportunities for improvement include rising global energy demand. Downstream business deals with refining and distribution of products derived from Gas and crude Oil. Through its integrated portfolio, it identifies and captures value along the value chain at every step of the way, from the wellhead till it reaches the consumer.

Such new investments could provide the company various new growth initiatives. Enterprises looking for energy for production, people for petrol diesel for vehicles and domestic uses. Interact with Government to minimize export restrictions. Most of the growth in world energy demand is expected to come from emerging countries especially India, China and Africa.

Exxon should target to emerge as a technological leader in this area. Exxon's chemical business also plays an important part in its growth trajectory and financial performance. Looking at Exxon Mobil Corporation D.

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