Dating steinberger guitars, lose your head...again

  1. One of the guitar models, the Trans Scale model, features a longer than average scale length and a built-in adjustable capo.
  2. By moving the capo closer to the end of the neck, one can play notes lower than standard guitar tuning without having to detune.
  3. But they delivered a tone that was not necessarily very conventional.
  4. It is more practical to upgrade a lower model Steinberger.
  5. Yes we have done hundreds of Steinberger re-frets on all models.

Even on non-Steinberger instruments, we recommend that brand above of all others, except where it is impossible to substitute for a proprietary jack. That is how Eddie van Halen could build his own Frankenstrat. Also, Schaller Straplocks included. There is something about the sound of the older ones.

It was a very bright and jangly tone. The Deluxe features bridge and neck humbucker pickups with a single coil in the middle position and the Standard features a bridge humbucker and two single coils at the middle and neck position. No, we are not a retail instrument dealer.

The R-Trem works quite well in practice, and is much easier to tune and set up than a Floyd Rose is. The Stratocaster took these ideas further. Yet, it sounds remarkably conventional. This allowed him to make each string change pitch at the same rate. If you can't visit, please read what satisfied customers write about us on the web.

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And then, the Steinberger guitar Once Steinberger introduced their bass, and it became quite popular with players, the next logical step was to create a sister-instrument in guitar form. Nice low action that plays great! Clients often send or bring us their instrument to have the assembly and adjustments fine tuned beyond factory spec. This article has multiple issues.

At least, as far as complete guitars go. As far as I know, euskirchen singlewandern it is still the only system of its kind. Standard geared tuning pegs were located at the bridge-end of the instrument. The guitar has active electronics with a passive bypass switch. Music Yo is the primary source for Steinberger parts.

The guitar body and neck are mostly made of maple, and that is something I would associate with maple. It is possible to use a Floyd Rose style locking nut as the head end termination point, it's not as effective but it will work. This is the excerpt for a placeholder post.


Dating Steinberger Guitars

  • If you want to ship an instrument here see our shipping information page.
  • When replacing jacks in Steinbergers, we generally use Switchcraft brand jacks.
  • Pinch harmonics sound really powerful and sustain well on the high B and E strings.
Steinberger World

As such, it required double- ball end strings in the same way as the Steinberger originals. In older models there is no truss rod to adjust. The parts we sell are used in repair jobs. It's impossible to project what will happen.

Please understand, we are not that type of company. Interesting fact is that his father is Jack Steinberger, a Nobel-prize winning physicist. There are composite neck bolt on models which are assembled in Nashville. And it is now a four bold neck instead of five bolts.

Dating a Steinberger How do I? Dating yamaha sg guitars I haven't been given a date plectrum, rare guitar world champion. Steinberger World is an unofficial site created with Ned's Blessing. Comes with Steinberger gig bag as well.

The jacks needed to repair any Steinberger are easy enough to acquire through a full scale electronic parts supplier and some guitar parts vendors. Meantime, he worked with the ideal electric bass guitars for only. Namely, there is always a considerable discussion about choices of tone wood and construction in guitars.

Not having the TransTrem is a bit of a shame, but not surprising, given that it was a very complex piece of hardware. We recommend you buy it on approval. They were very durable, relatively light, and easy to work on.

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Dating steinberger guitars

But then came Ned Steinberger. Standard geared tuning pegs were located at the bridge- end of the instrument. End date plectrum, ten, personalized custom guitar, the serial numbers on film. Andy Yakubik Steinberger World is making some after market parts that Steinberger can't easily support.

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Can you refret my Steinberger? Perhaps the instruments were too far ahead of their time? And how many other players did very similar things to their guitars. Much easier than the claw and screws on a Strat. The guitar did not transpose as accurately as headless models.

Lose Your Head...Again

First complete set of evans drum sound, jim burns specials pure nickel wound strings are fitted through a red-burst finish. Steinberger headless style. He used a Gibson humbucker pickup and put it into a Strat-style guitar.

Vintage guitars for sale steinberger


If the instrument is solid great. They don't sound like the older ones. We build and repair instruments. The bridge only has fine-tuners.

There are several web sites and on line user groups, the most Steinberger specific being steinbergerworld. The result is that there is less magnetic pull on the strings, allowing the strings to vibrate more freely and more naturally, resulting in a more natural tone with better sustain. Click on the serial number database link. The thicker, lower pitched strings will have a much bigger drop or rise in pitch than the thinner, are john mellencamp and higher pitched strings. We firmly believe you will be happier having an instrument professionally adjusted at regular intervals.

Dating steinberger guitars

Brooklyn, New York by Ned Steinberger, essentially alone. Notify me of new posts via email. We do a full inspection and estimate. Especially Floyd Rose systems were installed by many guitarists on their Strats and similar guitars in the s. But by the s, the futuristic thing got out of style, and I suppose Steinberger went along with it.

Dating Steinberger Guitars - oldzavod

He tries to support the hard to find stuff. It just was a lot cheaper. This means fretwork must be extremely accurate. The Washburn Bantam was an unlicensed s imitation of the Steinberger headless style. The frets are fine and as we all know Steinberger composite necks are always straight.

This guitar has considerably less wood than any conventional guitar does. The result was a guitar that had a very unique look, sound and identity, alleine mit jungs and also pushed playability and versatility to new heights. Steinberger pulled it off to make each individual saddle on the bridge move at its own calibrated rate.

If you are in the area and want to visit, we always have examples of our fretwork so you can take a test drive. That combined with the built-in slot for the neck fully supports the bass. Epiphone X Electric Guitar, in good used condition.

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