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Switch off the ignition and engage first gear or reverse gear, depending on any slope for vehicles with automatic gearbox, select position P. The driver should ensure that passengers operate the sun roof control correctly.

If after a prolonged stop in bright sunshine, the inside temperature has become excessive, open the windows for a few moments to air the cabin, then close the windows again. There is a resulting slight increase in fuel consumption. Press the control once to stop de- misting. Driver's seat height Use the control to adjust to the required po- sition.

The driver must remain attentive and keep complete control of the vehicle. Tilting the backrest Pull the lever A to fold the backrest onto the seat cushion.

Citro n Xsara Picasso - Manuals - Citro n

Citro n Xsara Picasso

Fuses under the dashboard To gain access to the fuses under the dashboard, open the cover. Temperature displayed may be higher than the actual temperature when the vehicle is parked in sunshine.

Citro n Xsara Picasso Workshop & Owners Manual

To reset the trip computer to zero, press and hold down the control for more than three seconds. Advice The windscreen wipers can be stopped in maintenance position for repairs. The central locking will not operate if a door is open, or not properly closed.

Failure to do so could cause serious damage to the turbo unit. Removing the glove compart- ment With the glove compartment open, press the stops at the rear of the glove compartment.


2005 Citroen Xsara Picasso owners manual

Draining water from the fuel filter Bleed regularly each time the engine is drained. Adapt your speed as necessary. Movement of the steering wheel re- turns the stalk to the off position au- tomatically. The information relating to the speed limiter is shown in zone B on the screen.

Citro n Xsara Picasso - Manuals - Citro n

In severe use conditions, and in hot weather, it may enter the red area. To refit Locate the ashtray in its housing and push in.

The spare wheel is secured by the conical tapering on the shaft of each wheel bolt. Towing with the front or rear wheels lifted Use special towing equipment with a rigid bar and straps. These important requirements are detailed in your vehicle's Maintenance Guide.

The driver should ensure that the passengers operate the electric windows correctly. During starting, do not touch the accelerator. Check that the selector is in the P position to ensure that the driving wheels are locked.

Release the key as soon as the engine starts. The jack and its handle are located in a protective holder in the spare wheel under the boot floor.

Manual Xsara Picasso Uploaded by yamahaerox. Ventilated glovebox This has a ventilation duct which can be opened or closed manually. Sequential forward drive Selector position for manual gear changing.

Central and lateral air vents. Always check that the windscreen and rear screen wipers can operate freely, for example if fitting a bicycle carrier, or in freezing temperatures. Do not cover the brightness detector located at the bottom of the centre of the windscreen, visible from outside the vehicle.

After a disconnection of the battery or in the event of a malfunction, you have to re-initialise the antipinch function. If it does not work first time, carbide pdf then try again. Rear number plate lamp Unclip the lens cover. The necessity to top up frequently would indicate a malfunction that should be checked at the earliest opportunity. Central locking using the key The key can be used in the drivers door to activate the locking and unlocking of the doors and tailgate.