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In the distribution layer, one distribution switch is planned to provide access to network resources stationed at each terminal. Figure Multicast A single video camera encoder produces a single video stream. For live viewing, the source is a camera or video server and the destination is a monitor. Remember me on this computer. Though the protocol greatly improves network recovery time, it still may take up to several seconds to converge when there is a network link status change.

Surveillance System DVR Manuals

To improve network availability, normally additional links or network devices are introduced to create redundancy. QoS is the solution that manages network congestion when bandwidth is constrained. Multicasts may be filtered from the links which do not need them. It is the backbone of the network. Network bandwidth must be carefully planned so that network congestion can be avoided.

High physical durability is a major factor for Edge switches. Every analog camera shall be directly connected to one video server for video digitization and compression. For cameras whose vantage points are overlapping, it is ideal to connect them to separate access-layer switches.

Basically the network supports QoS based on the label marked on data packets. Implementing port based security is the starting point to prevent network access from unauthorized users.

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This information is intended for system integrators and network solution providers. It can be implemented on many different topologies and is widely deployed in many systems. This creates system redundancy Figure is the simplified view of the network chart according to the layered hierarchy and Figure is the detailed view. In many cases the best course it to turn to external providers to supplement an organization with the skills, time, ejercicios casos de factorizacion pdf or resources needed to ensure a successful network.

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The frame rate is the number of frames taken in a specific time span. To save space and increase transmission efficiency, a video normally is compressed before being transported on a network. Network bandwidth and QoS are two critical factors to reducing packet loss, delay and jitter. QoS does not create bandwidth, nor does it resolve network performance issues.

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Figure Access Switch at Terminal According to the bandwidth calculation, the minimum port requirement for an access switch is as follows. Alternatively, in case that an endpoint does not support traffic classification, the connected access switch needs to be able to do it based on pre-determined rules or policies. We harness these properties to create solutions that deliver a competitive edge for our customers and partners in adapting to fast-changing network and market environments. The products listed below exemplify the characteristics and feature set that network devices need to excel in a given role.

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In addition, the built-in relay warning function alerts network engineers when power failures or port breaks occur. Once the data traffic is marked, the network that is properly configured for QoS support will perform queuing and congestion management. This means that PoE will be less useful, as many of the devices at the terminals will not be able to take advantage of the technology. These cameras capture video and send video data over the network for viewing and archiving. Moxa provides this document as is, without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, its particular purpose.

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Figure The bandwidth requirement for the access network is as follows. The location and quantity of workstations and servers are listed below. When there is a link or device failure in the ring, the backup path becomes available again. For playback, the data traffic goes from an archive server to a monitoring workstation.

The network is still vulnerable to the data traffic the client sends across. Disclaimer Information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Moxa. In a network with a high number of devices, the sheer amount of cabling and power supplies needed can lead to a messy tangle of electrical cables or even major electrical re-wiring. Power wiring adds another layer of complexity and cost to any project. No matter what topology you opt for, the most important consideration is how to achieve high network availability.

For the access layer, at each terminal, the cameras are connected to edge switches. The benefits of this approach are reducing the load on the source, minimizing network device processing time, and maximizing network efficiency. The table below shows the bandwidth requirement for a camera zone. However network congestion may occur even with careful planning, especially in a network infrastructure that converges data, voice and video. However, Moxa assumes no responsibility for its use, or for any infringements on the rights of third parties that may result from its use.

It is built on a physically looped topology, ring. Turbo Chain is easy to configure by linking two user-configured end ports within the same network segment.

The number of Turbo Chains corresponds to the number of zones in each terminal. For multicast traffic to travel from domain to domain, it requires routers and multicast routing protocol. All switches belonging to the same zone create a Turbo Chain, whose Head attaches to the first distribution switch and Tail attaches to the second distribution switch in the Terminal. After authentication check is passed, a client is granted network access. The layer provides network access to all cameras and transports video streams to Distribution Layer.

To cope with changes effectively, the network must be scalable. Access, Distribution and Core Layer.

Distribution Switch Distribution layer switches need slightly less bandwidth and port density than core layer switches, but still need more of each than edge switches. The traffic classification and marking is suggested to be enabled at endpoints so that the network can prioritize incoming traffic according to the QoS marking. An access switch is the authenticator that receives credentials from encoder and submits the information to authentication server for verification.

The best results are achieved by hooking up Turbo Chains to networks that also possess fast recover time, such as Turbo Rings. All interested receivers will join a multicast group to receive the video stream of that multicast group. Different network considerations are raised and explained in detail. It requires thorough understanding of the network requirements and available networking technology.