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Hard disks hold more data and are faster than floppy disks. Netscape has gradually lost its popularity to Internet Explorer. Select the text to be changed. You can correct spelling and grammar directly in the document while the Spelling and Grammar dialog box is open.

Tick on Drawing Toolbar, A drawing toolbar will be displayed at the bottom of the word work area as in the following figure. If you position the cursor on either side of the window, you can resize the width. To drag an object, point at it with the cursor and then press and hold down the left mouse button. The center option is normally used to center the heading and text. Select a bullet style of your choice.

Select the Tabs option from the Format menu. The specifications require at least one track in each session. There are many ways to deal with desktop clutter. Select a value from the at list box. The paragraph mark is normally hidden from view, but stores all the paragraph formatting for the paragraph that it ends.

The Disk Cleanup tool helps you free up space on your hard disk by searching your disk for files that you can safely delete. It is due to these factors that people all over the globe have recognized the Internet as their latest developmental tool. Windows automatically saves pictures to the My Pictures folder or to a subfolder you specify. To download a file, you essentially just click on the file and save it to disk. You can use dragging and dropping to move files from one folder to another or to delete files by dragging them onto the Recycle Bin icon.

Locate the data source in open Data Source dialog box. If you have overlapping windows on your desktop, the window on top is always the active one. To right-align a paragraph, position the cursor on any line within the paragraph and click on the Align Right button on the Formatting toolbar.

Which will show the completion of the conversion. To open a specific program or folder, just click the icon.

To upload a file from your computer to the server, select a file from your computer and then click on the right arrow in the center of the window. Follow these steps for downloading applications, plug-ins, games or any other software from the Internet. Examples of applications include digital audio players, digital cameras and mobile phones. These networks span large geographical areas, generally covering a couple miles, sometimes connecting computers thousands of miles apart.

Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the installation. For example, a person's name or the name of a recent Microsoft Outlook e-mail message recipient is a type of data that can be recognized and labeled with a smart tag. Windows starts automatically every time you turn on your computer. Primary storage is directly connected to the central processing unit of the computer.

To view the rest of the document or page, you have to scroll down through the window, using the various parts of the scroll bar As shown in the following Figure. Put the cursor in the document where the text is to be copied. You can, however, choose not to embed smart tags when you save a document. Following dialog box will appear.

Wireless Clients and Access Points. Another way to manage a window in Windows is to make it display full-screen.

When the folder appears, name it Temporary Files. Confirm you want to uninstall the game.

Select the Paper source from the List box. On the other hand, system software is more transparent and less noticed by the typical computer user. The purple dotted lines beneath text in your document indicate the smart tags. Replace the computer cover, and then turn on the computer.

The handheld option allows the user to drag over select sections of pages, magazines, books and other objects scanning only sections. If, for example, your document is in French and you want synonyms, click Research options in the Research task pane, and then under Reference Books, select the thesaurus options you want. This scanner allows the user to place a full piece of paper, book, magazine, cameroon gce results 2013 pdf photo or any other object onto the bed of the scanner and have the capability to scan that object.

For a detailed explanation of a grammar flag, click Explain in the Spelling and Grammar dialog box. How smart tags work You enable smart tags by selecting smart tag recognizers from a list Tools menu, AutoCorrect Options command, Smart Tags tab. From here you can access various programs, sorted by type or manufacturer. It makes it possible to have long file names, among other things. Select the text whose font has to be changed.

CCC Gujarati Book Part-1

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The Internet is making a major impact on the information technology industry. The common types of network media are twisted- pair cable, coaxial cable, fiber-optic cable, and wireless. In general, hard disks are less portable than floppies, although it is possible to buy removable hard disks. New web page authors quickly find, however, that uploading and managing web files can be tricky. The term hard is used to distinguish it from a soft, or floppy, disk.

Windows stores files in folders. Windows also includes a large number of accessory programs and system tools you can use to perform other basic system operations. Select the Paragraph option from the Format menu. One session may contain one or more tracks of the same or different types.

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Tertiary storage is used in the realms of enterprise storage and scientific computing on large computer systems and business computer networks. Enter or Return Used to execute an instruction or data being keyed in through the keyboard Caps lock Used for keying in capitalized alphabets. Results appear in the Research task pane.

CCC Books pdf NIELIT CCC Study Material in Hindi Preparation Books

To center a line of text, position the cursor on the line and click on the Center button on the Formatting toolbar. When you type text into a new document or open an existing document, the logic in the smart tag looks for words that match the data types in the list. Click where you want the curve to start, and then continue to move the mouse and click wherever you want to add a curve. Application software consists of the programs for performing tasks particular to the machine's utilization.

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The standard toolbar provides shortcuts for menu commands while the formatting toolbar contains tools related to formatting of the text in the document. Data on an optical disc is laid out in sessions.