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Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Epic was the first ship in its fleet to feature studio cabins in all targeted at and priced for solo cruisers. Longer view of the group crowding around Bryan and Apolonia in front of their homes in the Polish countryside. Both towns grew and established the three economic pillars of trade, shipbuilding and fishing. Crystal's unique activities include seminars through the Creative Learning Institute, with choices like wine tasting, Tai Chi lessons, art classes and a Computer University Sea.

He sits, smokes and looks through papers. Procession of priests and academics. Suitcases, boarding ship, shots on board ship, ship leaves port. Bridges at war - soldiers and tanks, bombings.

Scene shifts to barge along a river in Austria. Ode to the Silent Warriors. Entrance to Industry exhibit. The crew of three were not injured and the aircraft returned safely to base.

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Crowd at Nazi party rally in stadium. Tanzpartys, Kindertanz, Salsa, Tango. Girls marching on country road, wolke 7 partnersuche picking plums.

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Search below to view digital records and find material that you can access at our library and at the Shapell Center. Eleanor Roosevelt in a flowered hat is welcomed by state officials. Workers leave mill through gates.

Bremerhaven was one of the important harbours of emigration in Europe. Bremerhaven, Germany at the port of embarkation. Hochschule Bremerhaven Für das Projekt wurden über Fotos gemacht auch wenn nicht alle im endgültigen Video Verwendung gefunden haben.

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Bremerhaven Single Party

Cameramen document Marshall Smigly-Rydz in profile. Julien Bryan and one of the locals try to learn each other's language by writing down words and letters and exchanging pieces of paper. The family then walks across a bridge recreation of the scene.

  1. Train cuts through snowy mountains.
  2. The Venezuelan mission representative locates Venezuela on a large map of South America for the family, as they look on and ask questions.
  3. High-rise apartment buildings and other modern housing structures.
  4. Procession with dignitaries and military officers.

Refugees and the crew of the ship wave to the camera as they enter the harbor. The bride is wearing a striped woolen skirt characteristic of the area around Lowicz, Poland. He was then taken captive and later tried in a Soviet court. Women setting up drinks and sweets for the boys.

Geo-political lecture on hillside in Bavarian Alps. Soldiers patrol the bridge. People are transported in the back of a wagon, riding bicycles, walking to church. Different angles on the same square. The Charles Bridge in Prague.

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Nazi flags hang off chairs. Honor guard with bayonets approaches mausoleum, with six large fluted columns. Julien Bryan introduction to camera. The exact location of this camp in France is not known. Vitus Cathedral and statues on the Charles Bridge.

According to a transcript of Bryan's film lecture on Nazi Germany in the U. Mechanics working on engines. Debris from destroyed buildings. The banks along the canal are crumbling. They are play fighting with each other and skating around on the frozen water.

Street traffic, buses, trolleys, cars, people. The parade review stand, dignitaries, both military and civilian, hob-knob with each other, salute and review the marching troops, etc. Workers gathered around car. Two rabbis put away Torah scrolls and pull a curtain with an embroidered Star of David closed. Crowd heiling in front of church.

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It is believed that the soldier who is seated in the shot is a German Jewish soldier, according to Julien Bryan's accounts of this footage. Men buy beer from a stand in the square. Polish planes fly over Warsaw as part of the ceremonies. The crowds calmly move back, many of the women are smiling.

  • Bryan did film several circle dances throughout his travels, as a sort of comparative study of folk dances throughout the world.
  • Dutch flags posted on apartment buildings, spectators watch the parade from their apartment windows, street traffic.
  • Small groups read books together outside.
  • Some look directly at the camera, several avoid it.
  • Woman selling newspapers on the street.
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The Single Partners Program, available on most voyages, offers hosted onboard solo traveler events like cocktail mixers and games, too. Some will greatly reduce or even waive single supplements in an effort to fill berths, or offer meet-and-greets or group dining for single cruisers. Singles Minden Singles aus Deutschland.

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Two women walk past her, her head is covered with a basket, the two women look briefly at the camera, then again at the body, they point to something out of frame, and then move on. Nazi flag hangs from building. City streets and important buildings in Warsaw. The solo cabins are all ocean view and range from to square feet. Men ride an open elevator.

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Several displaced persons gather around the Canadian representatives at their desk at the processing center staged. Nurses change babies, toddlers, beds, eating, washing dishes, cutting apples. Roosevelt speaking from podium, clergy seated in formal dress for the official visit.

Pupils at desks, Margot goes to chalkboard again. Metal is being cast, sichere dating seiten shots of the molten metal. Marshall Plan parade in the Netherlands.

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