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You might study the explanation and examples first, do the exercises on the opposite page, check your answers in the key, and then look again at the explanations if you made any mistakes. It's odd to think that this time tomorrow we to Madrid. In which sentences are both possible?

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In B-D below we focus on where there is a meaning difference. It is generally agreed that new industries for the southern part of the country. He mentioned it at the meeting recently.

If you just want to revise a grammar point you think you already know, you could do the exercises first and then study the explanations for any you got wrong. Grammar areas are cross-referenced throughout. Grammar in Use Intermediate is a highly successful grammar text known for its clear, concise explanations and innovative format. If we are interested in when a present situation began rather than how long it has been going on for, how to merge multiple pdf files in adobe reader we use the past simple. Start by pressing the button below!

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We can also use could, but not can, to express a similar meaning. Before a noun we include to be when the noun tells us who or what the subject is, but can often leave it out when we give our opinion of the person or thing in the subject. You can stay in the spare room. Complete the sentences with went or turned into and one of the following words or phrases.

Are you my questions or not? He had made his fortune in growing sugar cane, and he brought his expertise to his new home. They put up their tent in the field, permission from the farmer. Somebody has bought the land next to our house. Sometimes we can use either have to or have got to.

It provides coverage of those language areas advanced-level students will find most rewarding to study. The book will probably be most useful for more advanced level students for reference and practice. Advanced Grammar in Use contains units of grammar explanation and practice exercises.

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The difference is that we use may not or might not to say that it is possible that something is not true, and can't or couldn't to say that it is not possible that something is true. We leave out to be in more formal English. Do you know what these mean?

This was the third time it since I got it. My teacher's given me a translation to do for homework, but I understand it. We just can't get rid of them. During the last few years the company has been working I works hard to modernise its image. It snow heavily since this morning.

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My brother has gone into town to buy some new shoes. You can use the Index to help you find the relevant unit or units. Complete the sentences in any appropriate way to make excuses.

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When I picked up the coffee I surprised to find it that it was cold. The film star Jim Cooper has died of cancer. However, if the situation was temporary, we can also use the past continuous. She to make tea for everyone at the meeting.

We use the past simple to talk about something that happened at a particular, finished time in the past. There seems to be a connection between the disease and exposure to radiation. They will have reached home by now.

We don't use would in this way to talk about a particular occasion in the past. If either verb is possible, give them both. If you stand in the rain much longer, you cold. Complete these sentences with an appropriate verb. Brazil Colombia in today's final.

This is the edition with answers. Here is the beginning of a report of an experiment.

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Compare these two texts and notice where the old information in italics and new information in bold is placed in the second sentence of each. Good, the noise I can start concentrating on my work again.

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The tin opener for left-handed people. If we use could or should we sound less certain that the offer will be accepted. Susan went to bed hours ago but she still seems to be awake. There are going to be more of us at the picnic than we'd thought.

He showed us what at first seemed to be a completely empty box. Jean is staying with us now With some verbs used to describe a temporary state e. The letters next to each exercise show you which sections of the lefthand page you need to understand to do that exercise.