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To replace the Vent Engine, reassemble in reverse order. Place the lubricated o-ring on the valve body port at the back of the manifold. Install the inlet adapter in the cylinder yoke.

Disconnect the tubings at the rear of the flowmeter module. The c is available with both volume control and pressure control ventilation modes. Unpack and assemble the c System. As pressure decreases, alarms for low Anesthhesia supply pressure should occur. Mechanical expiration Drive gas flow stops and the exhalation valve opens.

GE Healthcare Anesthesia Machine- 9100C ICU Use Medical Use

During inspiration, common gas flows into the inspiratory limb, upstream of the aanesthesia check valve. Agent-specific cassettes operate with innovative electronic control from the host anesthesia delivery anestheisa. Performance and reliability from a global anesthesia partner? Common gas can flow from the machine interface directly to the patient through the inspiratory check valve, gross margin analysis pdf or through the absorber into the expiratory flow.

Bellows improperly mounted or has a Check that only the last bellows convolution is mounted to hole or tear the rim and that the ring roll is in the groove under the rim. Turn off all vaporizers at the end of the low-pressure leak test.

The language selections appear in language specific text. Replace the bellows assembly. Repeat this step three times. Circuit boards are available only as complete assemblies.

Connect the open end of the patient Y-piece to the bag port handle. Excess gas vents to the scavenging system through the pop-off valve and the exhalation valve. Test the function of the flush pressure switch. Connect the fresh gas and flush gas tubing.

Multipurpose Anaesthesia Machine- 9100C

After repairs are completed, always perform the checkout procedure before returning the system to clinical use. Connect a test lung to the patient connection. Read and follow all warnings and cautions. Place the canister latch lever in position.

Push the new check valve into the opening, using the same thin tool. The accumulated values represent the output linearity curve for this particular Inspiratory valve.

Adjust the pressure gauge to zero. Make sure that the power failure alarm comes on. Replace the encoder switch in reverse order note the orientation of the attached ribbon cable. Enter the site Altitude in increments of meters.

Select the Calibration Coefficient menu, set the calibration coefficient as marked on the calibration orifice before the Flow Sensor Negative Calibration. Connect the pipeline supplies or open the cylinder valve. Make sure to push the new check valve all the way back into the opening until it bottoms out on the shoulder.

Press each button on the panel and the control knob. Replace the o-rings as necessary. The bottom portion of the cartridge is defined as the brass surface that is inserted in the lower spring.

Disconnect all pipeline supplies. Gauges show the cylinder and pipeline pressures. Verify that parts are free of dust and dirt.

GE Healthcare Anesthesia Machine- 9100C ICU Use Medical Use

Place the shroud over the knob and guide the assembly into the pan opening. The following illustration shows the parts. Connect an approved test device e. If test passes, replace valve. Cylinder gauges Use a leak detector or Snoop to check for source of leak.


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Disconnect the pipeline supplies and close all cylinder valves if equipped. Mississauga, Ontario Australia Pty. Install a new cylinder gasket and do this step again. Select the Calibration Coefficient menu, set the calibration coefficient as marked on the calibration orifice before the Inspiratory Valve Calibration. Two screws from each side panel.

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Product Details

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Disconnect all pipeline hoses from the wall and the machine, close all gas cylinders. All machine and ventilator parts should be replaced before performing the checks, tests, and calibrations. Ventilate High manually if necessary.

If the hypoxic guard is out of calibration or is malfunctioning, replace the entire flow control assembly. Use the following tightening procedure whenever you are replacing a cylinder supply or pressure tube fittings a cylinder pressure gauge. Drive Failure Monitoring is still available.

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