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The LearningExpress Skill Builder in Focus Writing Team iscomprised of experts in test preparation, as well as educators andteachers who specialize in language arts and math. Ahmed was shocked that a renowned and admired humanitariancould give such a bombastic keynote address. Sandra is personable and well-liked by her peers. Petrawould gainsay all accusations made against her. Suchturpitude deserves the most severe punishment.

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To fetter is to shackle or put in chains. Mona quailed as soon asOtto, the class bully, entered the room. To decimate something is to destroy a large portion of it. Below article will solve this puzzle of yours.

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You all must have this kind of questions in your mind. Five hundred onevocabulary questions.

Make it an active part of your vocabulary as soon as possible. Congratulations on taking these very important steps toward building abetter vocabulary. Decidewhich vocabulary word best matches the character described in thesentence and circle the letter of the correct answer. If you prefer to write in the book, el principio del 80 20 richard koch pdf mark youranswers lightly in pencil so that you can erase your answers and use the questions for review a few months or years down the road.

Someone who is ignoble lacks nobility in their character. An opprobrious remark is one that is scornful and expresses contempt. If you do not own this book, please write your answers on a separatepiece of paper.

Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Thumbing his nose at the principal was animpudent act.

He remained stoical as his wife told him she was leaving. You can copy the sample sentence from the word list, but you will learn the word faster and remember it better if you create a sentence of your own. If you were a libertine, you might a. If you do not ownthis book, please write your answers on a separate piece of paper.

Which kind of person would most likely be the best companion when you are feeling sad? The letter purports to express your opinion on thematter. To fulminate is to issue a thunderous verbal attack, to berate. Turpitude means wickedness.

To mete is to distribute, allot, or apportion. These words are almost exactly the same in mean-ing, and they are called word pairs. If your English professor was very erudite, she would be a. Winning millions of dollars froma slot machine would be considered an anomaly. An overweening supervisor would be presumptuously arrogant and overbearing.

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Their relationship was transient, but profound. The ostensible reason for themeeting is to discuss the candidates, but I believe they have already made theirdecision. If you do not own this book, please write youranswer on a separate piece of paper.

To interdict means to prohibit or forbid. To beguile is to deceive or cheat through cunning.

Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Saturnine means gloomy and sullen. Which of the following traits is least desirable in a roommate? It also means a corrupt or depraved act. Which character trait would you least like to see in a judge?

Merriam-Webster s Vocabulary Builder - PDF Free Download

Walter feigned ill-ness to avoid attending the meeting. Which character trait would you least like to see in a soldier? The president is sur-rounded by sycophants, so how will he really know if his ideas have merit?

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It can also mean to explode or detonate. An extended periodof neglect would eventually decimate much of the housing in the inner cities. Work crews immediately began the task of cleaning the drossat the abandoned plastics factory. People are drawn to her because of her sanguine and pleasantnature. Sententious can also mean expressing oneself tersely.

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If you had a rogue for a roommate, you might expect him to a. The senator was prone to fulminate when other legisla-tors questioned her ideology. William was convicted of perjury forlying about his whereabouts on the night of the crime. Which character trait would you least like to see in a supervisor? The stockbroker was led away in handcuffs, accused of tryingto bilk senior citizens out of their investment dollars.

To be feckless is to demonstrate a lack of purpose or vitality. To petrify in this context is to stun or paralyze with fear, astonishment, or dread.

LearningExpress Vocabulary Questions download - 2shared

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To teem is to be full of or present in large numbers. Which kind of person would most likely make the best judge? Read the following sentences carefully.