50 Debate Prompts For Kids Pdf

Many states and cities have decided that guns are unsafe. Were there, in fact, many cars on the street?

50 debate prompts for kids pdf


Many hunters also say they need to hunt because it provides food for their families. Be sure to include all words you see in boldface type. In recent years, however, hunters have been the ones under attack.

50 debate prompts for kids pdf

Debates naturally act as prompts for students to craft a written point of view. Should doctors transplant pigs organs into human bodies? Women can save themselves. Its not just a question of learning about the universe.

The Reading Connection Of course in this book you will find many debates which will spark new ideas and challenge existing viewpoints. To best do this, millionaire books pdf pass out a copy of a debate to each student. Some debates will naturally lend themselves to further research.

Should teen criminals be locked up in adult prisons? They say that skateboarding should be treated the same as any other sport. The debating process teaches students how to investigate new ideas, helps them develop critical thinking skills, and opens their minds to different viewpoints. Some Olympic athletes will do anything to run faster, jump higher, or be stronger. And if theres an emergency, there is someone there who is trained to handle it.

50 debate prompts for kids pdf

Others say that teens need their own detention centers. Others would try to give it back. This is a free country and if people want to be shoeless, no one should stop them.

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And on the quieter beaches, it just takes a couple of guys with a football to ruin everyones good time. But could you live with yourself if you kept the money?

But sometimes they show a positive result even when an athlete is only using something like allergy medicine. Maybe the government ought to pick up all that broken glass rather than harass barefoot people. There are a lot of things you need to know to survive in the world, and you cant learn them all from books. You have to go home early.

Hardly anyone dies of smallpox, polio, or rabies anymore. Should you change the way you dress because of what other people might think? People judge you by the clothes you wear.

If people are shallow enough to judge you by the clothes you wear, thats their problem, not yours. Gun makers should be forced to pay for police and hospitals. Plus, if you dont tell, you might get in trouble. Beauty pageants can teach a girl how to be self-confident and a good sport.

Not an Argument Unfortunately, many of us confuse debating with arguing. Some say that teens who commit serious crimes should go to adult prisons.

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper voicing your opinion. Athletes who use performance-enhancing drugs are like marathoners wearing in-line skates. Local communities just cant take that risk.

50 debate prompts for kids pdf

If people want to go barefoot, fine. In Colorado, hunters are allowed to shoot at elk, but not moose. Until then, we should wait.

Tell students to be prepared to share their opinion about the topic. Sure its sad that someone lost all that money. Some say athletes should have at least a C average to play sports. It is one of the last places in this country where you can do whatever you want without anyone hassling you.

Besides, in some states, people have to hunt and store food for the winter. Giving the money back is the only thing to do. Should Olympic athletes be tested for drugs? Tell why it would be a good rule. These lawmakers argue that sending teens to juvenile prisons lets them off easy.

Your mother is wearing a red mini-skirt and an enormous blonde wig. But some say bans like this are unfair. And your friend is willing to stay up late working with you. Would you want someone to return the money? But some people want the government to start rating records.

But some people think its the drug tests that go against the spirit of the Olympics. But you dont have a present yet, so you and a friend make a quick trip to the mall. No ones trying to ban those sports. But no ones trying to keep adults at home at night.

By Patrick Daley and Michael S. Dahlie

Put each new word in the graphic organizer below and fill in the information for each word. No one wants to go on trial in front of their friends. We have to keep exploring space! Anyway, its hard to become a professional athlete. Many experts say that what teen criminals need most is a chance to turn their lives around.

You dont need armed guards to help you do that. They also say boxing desensitizes people to violence by turning fighting into a sport.

But you go anyway, because you want to see what the big deal is. Pizzaman that are affected by this new law. If you dont like boxing, dont watch it. These people also say that hunting destroys the environment.