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Capacitance, input output. By the way, what is the best way to find common electronic parts numbers? Comparative tracking index. Emitter base breakdown voltage.

Refer to wave profile for soldering condditions for through. The internal setup of two components can be seen below. So the motor stops rotating. Top menu About Us Advertise. Motorola reserves the right to make changes without further notice to any products herein.

4N25 Datasheet(PDF) - Vishay Siliconix

Optocoupler, Phototransistor Output, with Base Connection. Optocoupler, Phototransistor Output, pdfsharp library Vishay Semiconductors. Each optocoupler consists of gallium. Electronic Components Datasheet Search.

Description Datadheet Payment Shipping Package. Stresses in excess of the absolute maximum ratings can cause permanent damage to the device. Collector emitter breakdown voltage.

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Did you miss datashset activation email? This part will not be shipped outside of United States. We need to check parameters and Pin configuration carefully before replacing. Isolation thickness between emitter and.

The resistors here are placed for limiting the currents in the circuit. Motorola does not convey any license under its patent rights nor the rights of others. Make a note the resistance values changed depending on voltages. Top menu About Us Contact.

So during high frequencies one needs to take time datassheet into consideration.

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Replacing without taking voltage, current and frequency parameters may lead to permanent damage. Motorola Semiconductors H. You want to keep the voltages less than this.

This setup is not feasible as microcontroller is sensitive device. Its easy to do, just something to be aware of. Top menu About Xatasheet Advertise.

The transistor breakdown voltage is when the junction inside starts to breakdown from too much voltage. Part Name Included start with end match. Typical values are characteristics of the device and are the result of engineering. Saturation voltage, collector emitter. Functional operation of the device is not.

So during high frequencies one needs to take time delays into consideration. What does it means by reverse voltage and forward current? How much current does the fan require? Minimum and maximum values are testing requirements. Motorola makes no warranty, representation or guarantee regarding.

Vishay Intertechnology Electronic Components Datasheet. Should Buyer purchase or use Motorola products for any such. You can pretty much ignore the reverse voltage, its a limit for voltage around the wrong way that will damage the diode. The transistor inside the opto has a max collector current of mA, so if your fan takes less than mA you can wire it directly to the opto-transistor.

Say Cheese to Me smile, you are on the right blog. For understanding these parameters consider the circuit above as an example. What are breakdown voltage?

The whole issue of radiation will be working under background. Collector emitter capacitance. Typical values are for information only and are not part of the testing requirements.