2003 Expedition Owners Manual Pdf

These messages indicate improper operation of the vehicle network communication between electronic modules. Is voltage present on either pin? If the main climate control system is on, the auxiliary air will not be cooled unless the air conditioning is functioning on the main climate control system.

Warning display Status Check backup aid if equipped Warning displays when R reverse gear is selected. Driving with your tachometer pointer continuously at the top of the scale may damage the engine. Reinstall the lug nuts until the wheel is snug against the hub. Position the rear legs of the seat over the floor strikers and engage. Air bag readiness Illuminates to confirm that the air bags front or side are operational.

Ford Motor Company recommends that all safety belt assemblies used in vehicles involved in a collision be replaced. To close the moon roof from the vent position, press and hold the bottom portion of the control until the glass panel stops moving.

Please take the time to get well acquainted with your vehicle by reading this handbook. Allows you to shift speaker sound between the right and left speakers. Therefore, do not allow flames, sparks or lighted substances to come near the battery.

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See your Ford or Lincoln Mercury dealer. Do not use supplemental transmission fluid additives, treatments or cleaning agents. In this mode, all speakers will play audio from the same media source for all passengers to hear. The driver must not attempt to operate any detailed operation of the navigation system while the vehicle is in motion.

Rotate the front driveshaft. The top of the message center must be blank. Do not tow with a slingbelt.

2003 Ford Expedition Owners Manual PDF

Rotate the right front tire one revolution forward and one revolution backward while observing the right front axle shaft and universal joint. Page Seating and Safety Restraints Press the control to move the seat forward, backward, up or down. Displayed when the electrical system is not maintaining proper voltage. If the air bag has deployed, the air bag will not function again and must be replaced immediately.

Do not drive if you smell exhaust fumes. Then push in on the center of the outside edge of the filter and rotate up into the housing until it clips into position.

The address of each stored destination will appear. Turn the lumbar support control forward for more support.

Ford Expedition 2003 Owner s Manual

The combined weight of the towing vehicle including occupants and cargo and the loaded trailer. If the air bag is not replaced, the unrepaired area will increase the risk of injury in a collision. Loosen the clamp that secures the air filter cover to the air filter housing and carefully separate the cover from housing.

Simultaneously press and hold both the HomeLink and hand-held transmitter button. Close the access hole with the rubber plug.

Page Locks and Security Replacing coded keys can be very costly and you may want to store an extra programmed key away from the vehicle in a safe place to prevent an unforeseen inconvenience. However, if the normal brakes fail, the parking brake can be used to stop your vehicle in an emergency.

2003 Ford Expedition - Owner s Manual (320 pages)

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If desired, organic cotton pdf the rear defrost can be manually disabled through the use of the rear defrost button. Automobile Ford Escape Owner's Manual pages. Page Seating and Safety Restraints Using the manual lumbar support The lumbar support control is located on the outboard side of the seat.

Install a new air filter element. If changing the tire on a grade, block the diagonally opposite wheel on the downward side of the grade. Failure to seek proper medical attention could lead to permanent injury. Instead, gradually decrease your speed.

Third row seats Ensure that no objects such as books, purses or briefcases are on the floor in front of the third row seats or on the seat cushion before lowering them. When working near the battery, always shield your face and protect your eyes. Press the soft key next to the display to select the desired language.

Refer to Wiring Diagrams Cell for component testing. Place the gearshift in N Neutral. For more information, refer to the Seating and safety restraints chapter.

Battery replacement Batteries are supplied with the remote control unit. Many lights will illuminate when you start your vehicle to make sure the bulb works.

The purpose of these head restraints is to help limit head motion in the event of a rear collision. Ensure that you are in navigation mode. Use this control when viewing a menu in the navigation system. The system will either heat or cool the vehicle to achieve the selected temperature. At higher engine speeds associated with high vehicle speed, the steering assist will decrease to improve steering feel.